Styling Gold Hoop Earrings

If you want to breathe new life into an outfit and create looks that make you look and feel confident, well chosen jewelry is the key. With the right pieces, you can elevate items of clothing you've had for years, add finishing touches to recent clothing purchases, or create unique outfits for special occasions.

Need a little boost before a big meeting or a first date? Jewelry could make all the difference. Jewelry is a great way to boost your self-esteem and earrings are an obvious first choice, as they are the most noticeable and can bring together your whole outfit. When it comes to earrings, gold hoops are a must-have, as they are beautiful, versatile and comfortable. A well-made pair of gold hoops are a timeless, wardrobe essential.

Our curated collection of gold hoops features timeless designs that will last. We've listed each design below and included top tips for wearing them. We hope this gives you some inspiration for buying and wearing gold hoops, or gifting a loved one who would look amazing in them.

Hoop Essentials

1. Big Hoops

Big hoops look fantastic and instantly add drama to even the most laid-back outfits, perfect for that effortless-chic look. We love our DAMARA Delicate Gold Hoop Earrings, for throwing on a tank top and jeans for going out, or a blouse and trousers for work. A big hoop is all about empowering women with feminity and confidence.

J.Bubs Damara Delicate Gold Hoop Earrings

2. Chunky Hoops

Simple and minimalist jewelry that work with every outfit are must-haves in every wardrobe. They're your go-to pieces when you're in a rush or feel too lazy to go through your jewelry stack. They're also the pieces that look amazing no matter what you're wearing. For us, chunky gold hoops, like our TEGAN 14k Gold-Plated 925 Hoop Earrings, are just that. You can wear them to work, as much as to a party. They're the embodiment of modern chic and they'll add a subtle statement to any outfit.

J.Bubs Selene Gold Plated Hoops

3. Mini Hoops

We can’t get enough of mini hoops. They're the ultimate in versatile, everyday jewelry, and if you're looking for a jewelry piece to give an outfit a lift, mini hoops will do just that. We love our VALENTINA Gold Layered Hoop Earrings, which can be worked into dressy and non-dressy outfits alike. They'll look wonderful with sweater and jeans, or with an elegant dress. The stepped design is a symbol of plated armour, so they're the personification of strength and empowerment.

J.Bubs Valentina Gold Layered Hoop Earrings

4. Radial Hoops

While we're talking about everyday hoop earrings, let's not forget radial hoop earrings. Radial hoops are a great way to accessorize any occasion. Take a look at our CARINA Gold Radial Hoop Earrings – available in two sizes. Want to accessorize for a school run? Meeting a good friend for lunch? Need a lift for your office outfit? Whatever the occasion, radial hoops will see you through.

 J.Bubs Carina Gold Radial Hoops

5. Stacked Hoops

Wearing multiple earrings is a great way to add modern sophistication to your outfit and cultivate an interest in your personal style. You can mix different shapes, sizes and metals to curate your perfect look. A great starting point is to wear different sizes of the same design and pair it with a basic/casual outfit. We recommed our BRANDY Gold-filled Everyday Hoops (available in 2.5cm, 4cm and 5.5cm sizes). They're a wonderful choice, as they work beautifully together or with other earrings. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your other ear pieces.

Hoop earrings are timeless pieces of jewelry that are made to be worn for years to come. Your style will evolve and your fashion sense will grow, however, if you find the right collection of hoop earrings, then you'll never fall out of love with them and they'll work right into your outfits – they'll never lose their charm. Worn with a sweater and skirt, or jacket, jeans and boots, a pair of hoop earrings will always work.

Hoop earrings are also perfect for gifting to the girls in your life. Whether it's your partner, your sister, a best friend or your mom, hoop earrings are a guranteed winner. Hoop earrings will definitely suit them and give their favourite outfits a little boost.

All of our hoop earrings encompass classic designs and are made to exacting standards. Whether you're gifting a pair or accessorizing them yourself, you can choose a few pairs that will work with your wardrobe, vibe and personality. Most importantly, don’t care about what anyone else thinks and just wear them in a way that you feel most comfortable.

For more inspiration, you can browse our full collection of hoop earrings here and follow us on Instagram @shopjbubs.

Julie, Sales & Marketing Manager at J.Bubs Jewelry & Accessories

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