About Us


J.Bubs was founded in 2018 for the reason that every woman should be spending as much time shopping for accessories as they do for clothing. Our founder, while growing up in England, admired women who knew how to work accessories into their outfits and became obsessed with accessories. Accessories were the finishing touches that added substance and depth to an outfit. Our founder's obsession materialized and her passion became J.Bubs – an online catalog of the latest and most stylish accessories.


Our philosophy is simple: we believe every woman should be spending as much time shopping for accessories as they do for clothing. Accessories allow each and every person to create their own unique personal style – to express their individual style and character. It feels extra special when your unique personal style resonates with other people. Generally, the more accessories you have, the more different looks you can create for different events and occasions. However, remember that certain accessories are appropriate for certain occasions, and you can take one outfit and change the accessories to cater for different occasions.

Our Team

Our ever-growing online catalog reflects the fast-moving fashion world. We are constantly adding the latest and most stylish products, and carefully curating collections to cater for different styles and occasions. Our aim is to provide you with a vast number of options, yet sort them in a way that makes you finding and buying your accessories like a walk in the park.

Our team consists of individuals who believe in the magic of accessories and are committed to seamlessly deliver the latest and best accessories to your door. Our brilliant buyers are constantly scavenging the globe for the latest and most interesting accessories; our marketers are working with leading and up-and-coming fashion influencers to curate the best styles; our meticulous warehouse warriors are sorting, picking, packing and dispatching your orders with the utmost urgency; and our relentless customer service agents are working around the clock to ensure you have the best online shopping experience.

If you have any questions about a product or would like assistance in picking out the perfect accessories, please feel free to contact our customer services team at hello@jbubs.com.


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