VIVIER 14k Gold Filled Lace Choker

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Product Description

An elegant lace choker designed for everyday wear. Perfect worn on its own or layered with our pieces to create your own unique look. Made from 14k gold-filled metal for that unrivaled golden shine and sparkle. Wear this with your work or going out outfit but make sure you expose that neckline.

- Length: 30-35cm (Adjustable)
- Metal: 14k Gold-Filled Metal
- Weight: 1g

Gold-filled should not be confused with gold-plated, as gold-filled contains twice as much gold. Gold-filled is an actual layer of gold that has been pressure-bonded to the metal. Gold-filled is far more valuable and more tarnish-resistant- it does not flake-off, rub-off, or change color.

Clean with a soft cloth after each wearing to maintain good hygiene and a sparkly clean look.

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