J.Bubs YOKO Timeless Hair Pins 1
J.Bubs YOKO Timeless Hair Pins 2
J.Bubs YOKO Timeless Hair Pins 3

YOKO Timeless Hair Pins // Set of Five

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These aren't your run-off-the-mill hairpins. We have chosen the best materials and hand-finished each piece to ensure they're of the highest quality. The faux pearls have a white luster and the metal is long-lasting. You won't be disappointed! Mix-and-match these classy and timeless hairpins and have everyone asking how to be as stylish as you are.

  • 10k gold-plated brass, faux pearls, zircon.
  • Measurements for Styles 1 to 4 (from top to bottom in the first and last product images):
    • Style 1: Length 4.2cm, Width 0.4cm.
    • Style 2: Length 4.2cm, Width 0.6cm.
    • Style 3: Length 5.5cm, Width 0.2cm.
    • Style 4: Length 6.8cm, Width 1.0cm.
  • Clean with a soft cloth after each wearing to maintain good hygiene and a sparkly clean look.
  • Sold as a set of five.